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Manicure on natural nails with gel polish.

More and more woman ask for a manicure with gel polish

It's not just a trend.

It is the number one service asked in nail salons that covers the needs of the modern woman who wants natural healthy nails that look fabulous for a few weeks.

Do you love doing your own nails and would like to make it your profession?

Are you already a nail technician but want to learn and evolve?

Are you thinking of starting a side job?

Then this course is just right for you!

Student's work


Would like to take a glimpse of what you will learn and get the vibe of a real nail studio?

I'd love to show you around, watch me work and answer any questions you may have before you enroll, contact me to arrange a visit.

I'm looking forward meeting you!

What To Expect

The course

The Manicurist is a course focusing on the core of all services performed on natural nails, the manicure  and specifically the manicure with gel polish, the most wanted manicure service.

You will be educated about the nail anatomy, hygiene and chemistry of the products. You will learn all the practical steps to perform a manicure with no use of e- file and how to apply/remove gel polish.

The course includes two parts, the theory and the practical one.


You will attend the online Nail Knowledge program, a flexible,

interactive and visual course that will provide you with

science - based and essential nail knowledge.

This part you do at home.

Practical part:


You will learn:

  • how to file nails into popular salon shapes

  • the proper you use of tools to ensure a clean and precise dead skin & cuticle removal from the nail plate

  • application of gel polish

  • removal of gel polish

General Information

It is a two days course, two weeks apart, eight hours long each time, which include some breaks.

You will work on yourself and on models. A friend of yours happy to be a model for the course is very welcomed.

Tools, instruments and overall equipment are provided by by Irini Nails & Waxing.

We will work with the following brands

CND, Akzentz, Gel it Up

You recieve a Certificate by the completion of the workshop.

Practice period opportunity

Imagine how nice it would be to practice without extra costs or unnecessary product experimentation.

Imagine how it would be to start your first steps of your career next to your teacher in a real nail studio, supporting you, answering your questions, troubleshooting and guiding you, with products you have already been trained to use.

This is exactly what I offer you. The opportunity to develop your technique and to improve your skills.

After completing the course and for a period of two months you can rent a manicure desk per hour to practice on you or on your friends. Right next to me, to support you!

Dreaming of working at by Irini Nails & Waxing Salon?


I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Let’s talk about the future possibilities when both workshop and training period are completed!

Cost/ Payment

The course is on special offer for a limited period and costs 720CHF until the end of May 2024.

Payment can be done by cash, card, Twint or bank transfer and it needs to be paid upfront.

There is no refund. The course can be rescheduled only once.

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