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Relax, sit back, get your nails done - we got you!
by Irini Nails & Waxing

It's not  just about exceptional nail care; it's about your wellbeing.

Experience the perfect blend of luxury, femininity and natural beauty at by Irini Nail Salon! Our professional and friendly team will provide you services in a relaxing and cozy atmosphere, while using only high quality products to give you the perfect manicure, pedicure, gel nails and waxing. Unwind and take some time for yourself, creating a unique selfcare experience in the heart of the city.


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Our Most Popular Services

Service #1   Manicure + original CND Shellac 
                     CHF 72      ca 1  Hour           

Service #2    Pedicure + Shellac/Gel Polish 
                     CHF 114     ca 1  Hour

Service #3     Holywood Waxing
                      CHF  78    ca  1  Hour


What People Are Saying

"Always a great experience with Irini! She takes great care to pamper your hands and gives great tips to ensure you keep your hands and nails healthy until the next time you see her."

- Elizabeth R.

"Best manicure I’ve ever had. Irini takes such care with your nails and also has such creativity! the salon is light and comfortable, I love coming here."

- Lara k.

"Perfect - no other words needed."

- Anja G.

It's not just about exceptional nail care; it's about your well being.

At by Irini, we believe that taking care of your nails is much more than just a necessity. It is a chance to show respect and love to yourself, to enhance your natural beauty and to empower your femininity. Our philosophy is to enhance the health of your natural nails and to make sure that they look and feel their best. We use modern technology and non-aggressive methods to provide a safe, and healthy care. Either it is a natural look or a colorful one, our huge color collection will bring out the best in you and make you feel confident and beautiful. Our waxing services are personalized, ensuring a delicate process. We take great care to ensure your waxing experience is both gentle and effective, so you can feel confident in your smooth, hair-free skin.

Here, at by Irini, we take care of our clients and our people!

Irini Mavrou
nail service by Irini Nails & Waxing

Klosterstrasse 17,

6003, Luzern, Schweiz

Klosterstrasse 17,

6003, Luzern, Schweiz

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