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About the workshops

  • There are four main workshops Manicurist, Nail Specialist, Waxing and Brazilian Waxing. No prior qualification is needed.

  • For professionals that want to freshen up, upgrade skills or even learn something new, there is the 1 : 1 Skill Building (Kompetenz AUfbau) Workshop. Exclusively tailored to your needs and weak points.

  • The courses can be done in 3 languages: German, English or Greek.

  • They are held throughout the year on dates we fix together!

  • During the workshops I provide all the tools and products needed.

  • The brands we will use are CND, Akzentz, Light Elegance, Lecente, Gel it Up and Lycon Precision Wax.

  • With the completion of a workshop, you get a Certificate.

  • Hygiene and safety are everything in the beauty industry - and part of workshop as well! So the space is on the spot clean. Tools sanitized and sterilized.

My promise to you

  • Once my student always my student!

  • I will teach you to step by step using top quality products the modern ways of performing the best non-aggressive, the most friendly to nails/skin and highest quality services for your customers!

  • I will support your steps after the completion of the course! I'll catch up with you to see how you doing! I will advise you and I will correct you! I will help you find a solution and I will remind you what you've learnt!

  • Don't hesitate a bit to contact me when facing a difficulty whether it's a difficult nail, a difficult client or how to charge for your services!

  • And if you do forget to tell me about your progress, I will not forget to ask!

  • I'm always here for you any time!

Contact Me

Klostestrasse 17, 6003, Luzern  |  Tel: 078 713 77 94

Thanks for submitting!

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